We have a mission. It’s a simple, but we feel noble, mission. We just want to find and serve not only the best Hot Dog you have ever eaten. But, also pay homage to the many forms of encased meats that call themselves Sausages. We’ll be honest, when we started this quest, years ago, we visited some pretty well known places in some pretty well known cities. We traveled from New York to L.A., from Chicago to New Orleans and from Miami to Seattle looking for that perfect Dog, that perfect Brat, that perfect... well you get the idea. At the end of the journey we decided that, as Dorthy said, there’s no place like home. And that Cleveland, our hometown, is the hometown of some pretty talented sausage makers. We have a great tradition of sausage here in the Cle and we celebrate that by sourcing the majority of our sausages from local makers. They are world class and we are happy to be char-grilling the tasty treats every day we turn on the grill. We also have our buns baked by a small local bakery to our recipe and many of our toppings are produced either in our own kitchen or by very talented local makers. We feel that taste is everything and local taste is best. We think you will agree. We hope you will stop by, enjoy the sausages and share a smile. and remember..... "SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL WIENER!"